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B&A Mega Traders  Began it’s work from 2012 with importing and installing artistic ceilings and mouldings from Iran and continued it’s work with importing  ANTIQUE decorative mouldings in various shapes , colors and designs to the market . after that introduced curtain moulds in different colors and various designs . professional thinking of this company is providing variety of quality goods in the field of interior design.



About Products

 Artistic ceilings and decorative mouldings  
As you know, the plaster ceilings and molds have had a special status in building’s interior decorations since ancient time and people had to use it because of the lack of any other choices.  By passing of time and advancement of technology, new products were offered to the market in order to replace the plaster, such as polystyrene ceilings and molds. These products have many advantages in comparison to plaster products, such as:

Advantages of Polystyrene

Disadvantages of Plaster

1- Resistant against humidity 1- Penetrable against humidity
2- Fast and easy installation 2- Long time installation for use of plaster, bar and rabitz
3- No painting needed after installation 3- Puttying and painting is necessary after finishing plaster work
4- Washable 4- Not washable
5- Numerous variety in design, color and dimensions 5- Low variety in design and color
6- Capability of displacement after installation 6- No capability of displacement after installation
7- Very light in weight 7- Very heavy because of usage of bar and rabitz
8- Reasonable price 8- High price


Antique decorative mouldings 

Antique moulding is a set of polystyrene mouldings such as cornices, corners, Crown mouldings , panels in various sizes 10, 15, 20 and 30 cm , base mouldings , chair rails , door frames ,picture frames & deco mouldings . these mouldings are made of polystyrene.

Curtain mouldings

Curtain mouldings are kind of decorative moulds that mostly about 15-20 cm width and install on the top front of curtains in iran . so azin saghf company decided to make special design according Iranian ideas so designed various curtain moulds and produced and introduced to customers in various colors and designs.







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